tower bridge

London thumak-da

The Palace, an eye, the bridge on Majestic River, the big clock, an unmatched historic grandeur and a night life worth living for, I am head over heels with London. Charismatic London’s dynamism can be felt on every nook and corner. And yet, it’s all reassuringly familiar, I feel I belong here. Sophistication and London go hand in hand. Crisp well styled clothes, heavy accent and passion for work (formally dressed people rushing towards their destination) would be some of the first things you will notice when you’ll first set foot in London. Samuel Johnson, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford”.

The cold breeze, hot cuppa (StarBucks – at every 10 steps) and a long walk down to and around Piccadilly Circus, one can never get enough of it, well, I can’t. My soul connects to the place, where I can ‘see’ myself through the cacophonic background. London is one of the most sort after tourist destination in Europe, it sure has all the reasons.

Piccadilly Circus: Partly pedestrianized and a favourite place for people to congregate before going to the nearby shopping and entertainment areas. Annoyingly crowded!

Trafalgar Square: the largest square in London, often considered the heart of the city. Got no plans for weekend? It is the right place to gang up with cool performers.  The English fleet defeated the French at this very historic square.Trafalgar Square

Madame Tussaud: Reel life rules. Get cozy with hottest Hollywood and Bollywood stars here. Hold your emotions guys! The museum stands tall with life size wax statues of the who’s who here.

London Eye: Sure is one! a giant observation wheel. Just hop on to one of the capsules of the London eye and get bird’s eye view of entire London

.London Eye

Bond Street: Shopholics, this is the place to be. But sure will burn a whole in your pocket.

Stables Market: Flea market inside one of the oldest stable. You can horse around in this one, unlike bond street(wink)stable market

Buckingham palace: The ambiance makes you feel royal. Walk past the guard you will get to know.

Tower bridge: It opens at the close. An amazing combination of architecture and technology. tower bridge

Big Ben: The time tick toks beautifully in this one. Golden clock to tell you the right time.

Victoria terminus: We too have one in Mumbai, but they know how to keep their queen 😉


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